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Icon Slaughterfaust.png
Clip size
4 (+1 per upgrade)
Rate of fire
Reload time
Very high
Unique attribute(s)
Fires three grenades

The Slaughterfaust is an upgraded shotgun that significantly changes what it can do. The slaughterfaust lobs three grenades that explode violently if they hit an enemy, but otherwise will bounce around erratically on a three second fuse before detonating. No other primary weapon packs so much explosive power. While the grenades will make chunks out of monsters, they'll also blow chunks out of you if you mistreat them. With this gun, you'll start giving your enemies some space, and you'll need to concentrate on where you're positioned relative to crowds if you want to survive.

In spite of being the most formidable and hilarious primary weapon, it's also quite impractical simply because it's so dangerous. It's hard to land the inaccurate, arcing grenades on small, fast moving baddies and every missed shot can be disastrous. You'll have enough explosive power to ensure that any armoured soldier that tries to rush at you will arrive in bitesize chunks, but those explosions also mean that if a crowd of gluttons ambush you, you'll have a choice between blowing off your nose to spite them or being helplessly cut to ribbons.

For these obvious reasons it would be the act of a wimp and an oaf to turn down the opportunity to use this gun.


  • The grenades fire in an upward arc from the front of your gun. If you want to hit something straight in front of you, you'll need to look slightly down.