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Very high
Unique attribute(s)
Creates a singularity

The Singularity is a secondary upgrade for the railgun. Pressing your trigger will fire a slow-moving, glowing orb. If this hits an enemy directly, the geonic particle field will dissipate, the orb will go dark and the weapon will be useless, but it will stick to walls and ceilings. Press the second trigger again (with an active orb) to horribly warp any nearby enemies over a period of several seconds - the spacetime disruption is lethal even for resilient monsters like rocks. This is an exceptionally destructive weapon and works well for creating traps, but it can be a bit unreliable in the heat of battle unless you're well-practised and a little lucky.


  • This weapon is prone to hardware failures and occasionally will not work for no apparent reason at all. Beware.
  • The quantum foam transducers on the side of your gun will light up when a singularity orb is ready to fire.
  • Somehow you can survive the gravitational warping effect, and objects like crates won't be damaged by it either.