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Icon Nailgun.png
Clip size
10 (+3 per upgrade)
Reload time
Unique attribute(s)
Exploding nail ammo

The Nailgun is a high-skill machinegun. Nails will stick to walls and enemies, and will explode either three seconds after they're shot, or when the trigger is released. It's highly inaccurate and eats through ammo, but can rip through groups of baddies at close and medium range once you master it. Because of its powerful explosive damage, careful aim is less important than with the standard machinegun, so you can concentrate more on dodging enemy fire and staying free of obstacles. You will need a backup weapon for taking out enemies at a distance.

There's an upgraded nailgun available as a pickup weapon, so you can try it out if you're using the railgun or the shotgun as your primaries.


  • If you feather the trigger, you'll have the bullets exploding in mid-air
  • Holding the trigger down will cause each bullet to explode after a lag time of only 3 seconds
  • Allows you to fill multiple enemies with nails then have them explode at the same time
  • Nails do very little damage until they explode
  • The nailgun has a very small default clip size, so it might be worth holding off on upgrading if you've only one or two ammo bonuses.