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We've created groundbreaking technology in STRAFE that changes the levels everytime you play for endless replayability! There are BILLIONS of experiences to be had with crazy secrets to find! We give you the levels, you paint them red.


Your path home will take you through four separate regions:

Icarus: A decaying mothership packed with vicious critters and the mangled remains of your comrades. Strafe has contempt for scrappers who die on Icarus. Sometimes you'll need to get past security doors that need facial identification. You can relieve dead scrappers of their heads quite easily, but note that their expressions probably won't match the cheerful portrait on the security door's computer. The last two Icarus levels have branching paths.

  • In level 1-1 you don't have to perform any special tasks. The body at the beginning can be blasted open to reveal a coin that can be used in the Luftenstein machine in the next level. The body can also contain the wrench, if the player left their ship without a starter weapon.
  • Level 1-2 has another body at the start which you can desecrate to get a tin of food. It has one branch; the path to the exit is behind a locked door and you either need a keycard or a severed head. Keep an eye out for the Luftenstein game and the shop.
  • Level 1-3 has three branches, two of which are locked. The doors to the branches all open onto the room you start in; there's no sub-branches, which should help you navigate a little easier.

Black Canyon: A wide-open space with plenty of opportunities to fall to your death or have your face pushed in by dangerous wildlife. You've a gun - make sure those monsters don't get too close! The plasma canisters you take from crashed shuttles have a fifteen-second fuse before they explode. The shuttles also sometimes have food dispensers, so check them all! You can use the canisters to blast apart collapsed tunnels if you're quick enough, or you can do it the old fashioned way, with your gun. The lamps will guide you through the levels if you get lost - follow the green lights to get to the end, and the red lights to go back to the beginning. This is the only region where you won't find any weapon upgrades at all, and at the end of every level you are guaranteed to find a bench and food dispenser. Black canyon has a lot of open space, but the path you take through it is essentially linear.

  • Level 2-1 is a short and gentle introduction to this fascinating alien landscape. It only gets dingier and more dangerous from here. The wreckage at the beginning of the level can be climbed up into, and inside you'll find a magical "S". Collecting this will make more letters appear in the rest of the level, and finishing the set will take you to the Jumping puzzle.
  • Level 2-2 has a shop at the end, and somewhere nearby you might spot a little flying drone. Of course, you should blast this and steal the battery from it before it teleports away.
  • In the beginning of level 2-3, you can find a handheld console that plays Trappy mine. You'll need the battery from the previous level to make it work. After the end of the level, you'll find a small nighttime canyon, and in one of the nearby tunnels the floor will give way, taking you to the next area.

The Burbs: An underground city whose inhabitants are significantly meaner than the fauna in Black Canyon, and most of them have ranged attacks. Look for carts containing fuses, which you will need to install in the gate control room in order to progress. The Burbs have some big non-linear regions, but signposts can help point you in the general the subway.

  • Level 3-1 is over quickly. It has a gate, the fuse for which is right next to the control room. Killing nine rats in this level will magically transport you to the Extermination room.
  • Level 3-2 has a gate that needs two fuses, and you'll also need to find and reactivate the reserve generator, which is in its own very distinctive room. Watch out, lots of enemies like to hide in the walls near the generator turbines! This level also concludes with a shop.
  • Level 3-3 starts in a graveyard. Press the trigger button to pay your respects. The gate here just needs two fuses.

Athena: The megacorporation responsible for all this space-mutant nonsense. The organisation has suffered quite an extravagant containment failure, and remnants of the security systems will prevent you from passing until you've killed every baddie in the room. You can bypass the laser security gates either by sprinting through them, which can easily inflict fatal wounds on you, or alternately by overriding them at the console, which takes a few seconds. The way through Athena is a linear path.

  • Level 4-1 opens in the luxurious foyer of the underground lab. Slide down to the pool near the entrance to meet some disguised gluttons.
  • Level 4-2 has a posey of flowers at the end near the shop. Bringing these back and putting them in the vase at the beginning will take you to Going Home.
  • Most of level 4-3 is undergoing exothermic self-oxidation. Watch your step. At some point the sprinkler system will kick in and navigating will get a little easier.
  • The last part of Athena is the boss arena.


There's lots of fun things in levels for you to interact with, besides monsters:

  • Bench: Allows you to craft armor and ammunition from scrap, and will give you 500 scrap if you recycle your gun's upgrades.
  • Duchess: Provides a weapon bonus of your choice.
  • Upgrade robot: These guys allow you to modify the primary or secondary fire of your gun.
  • Scrap chest: Every level will have at least one scrap chest. Shoot it repeatedly to get all the scrap out of it.
  • Shop: Some brave scrappers run shops packed with useful items. Robbing these is fun, but killing the shopkeeper will earn you the passive-aggressive antagonism of any remaining scrappers you meet.