For the NPC, see Magician Glutton.

Gluttons are one of the most common enemies encountered from the entire levels of Strafe but the hub level, making their first debut on ICARUS.

Physical Description[]

Gluttons are a race of aliens appearing a little shorter than the protagonist in height. They have sharp teeth, two slits as nostrils, white eyes with no pupils, bald flat heads, and clubbed-arms.

They wear several different uniforms depending on their own type.

Combat Characteristics[]

They are voracious yet unintelligent creatures first seen standing idly and sometimes witnessed eating the remains of the deceased scrappers. They go on alert to start following after the protagonist for attack upon approaching, and try hitting the protagonist with either their wrench, pipe, or an unloaded rifle.

The Gluttons come in several types with different looks and attack methods:

  • Normal - The main yet recognizable variants. They do perform a melee attack while walking towards the player for damage.
  • Sprinter - They run much faster than other variants and even the protagonist himself; they wear white.
  • Armored - These variants are covered with few armor and run rather slowly; they wear a gray armor, with a helmet.
  • Infected - They only appear in levels on Black Canyon. Killing them will splatter harmful yellow acid/blood.


Shooting either the Glutton's head or any one of the legs instantly kills it. Shooting their arms with a weaker weapon is not recommended, as they can still attack the player by head-butting after both of their arms are severed.

Because of their speed, prioritize killing Sprinters and Infected.


  • Gluttons are the very first created enemies to be created during development of Strafe.
  • When gibing the sprinter, armored, and infected types, each models for their dismembered body parts have same textures of the normal variant's. This happens to be an oversight during development.
  • In the first level of the world Icarus, there is a Travelling Merchant wearing a disguise similar to the Glutton.
  • The name "Glutton" is likely a word meaning to have a voracious appetite, otherwise being a big eater. Unironically, the official game's Twitter account mention the Gluttons in one tweet as "always hungry".